Monkey - Chinese Calendar

The Monkey is the ninth Chinese Horoscope. Monkeys are clever and persuasive. They are also very good at listening to others. They embrace challenges and are usually very effective at dealing with any challenges or obstacles that they face. Monkeys would rather know “a little about a lot” than “a lot about a little”. They like to fill their heads with knowledge and facts about a large variety of different subjects. Monkeys are not usually modest at all. In fact, they like to show off! Their main motivator for learning lots of facts is so that they can show off their knowledge to others.

Monkeys are highly adaptable to a number of different situations. They are probably the most adaptable of all the signs in the Chinese Horoscope. They are quick-thinking, with a humour to match. Monkeys are very perceptive of what is going on around them, and are good at making decisions under pressure. Their creativity and intelligence makes them great inventors. However, they may not always use their creativity in positive ways. Just like the animal, people born in the year of the Monkey can be mischievous!

The intelligence and adaptability of a Monkey can really help them in life. They are not ‘one trick ponies’, and can usually performing well in several different areas. Monkeys have a great capacity for learning about new subjects. They are highly dependable. Monkeys can keep a secret because they are trustworthy and genuine. A Monkey’s ability to think logically makes them highly effective at solving problems. This is helped further by the fact that they pay great attention to other people and what they are saying, and take in all the facts.

Monkeys are sometimes careless and irresponsible. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, and others can be annoyed by their constant need to have fun. They are normally very energetic. Monkeys embrace new things, and are hence open to new experiences. They usually like to try things that they’ve never done before. When it comes to relationships, their quest to try something different means that they are not always the best of most faithful of partners.

Many Monkeys love to indulge themselves, and usually find it hard to draw the line when it comes to eating, drinking alcohol and partying. Monkeys can get caught up in the party and the atmosphere, and be oblivious to the fact that they are upsetting someone else in the meantime. If an issue is brought up with a Monkey, they may not apologise, but will be more mindful of their behaviour next time. They may not tone it down forever, but at least their actions will show that they are sorry.

One of the Monkey’s biggest downfalls is putting itself before other people. It would be mutually beneficial for them to start considering others more. Prevention is better than cure, and thinking of others will stop them having to deal with the upset they caused at last night’s party!

Birth years of the Monkey

The Monkey horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Monkey – 20th February 1920 to 7th February 1921 16th February 1980 to 4th February 1981

Water Monkey – 6th February 1932 to 25th January 1933 4th February 1992 to 22nd January 1993

Wood Monkey – 25th January 1944 to 12th February 1945 22nd January 2004 to 8th February 2005

Fire Monkey – 12th February 1956 to 30th January 1957

Earth Monkey – 2nd February 1908 to 21st January 1909 30th January 1968 to 16th February 1969

The next year of the Monkey will be in 2016.