Pig - Chinese Calendar

The Pig is the twelfth sign in the Chinese Horoscope and it’s element is Water. Pigs are principled and giving. They are also very polite and tasteful. They are sometimes incorrectly labelled as snobby and stuck-up, when in reality they like to be amongst the finer things in life. They have great attention to detail and always aim for perfection. Pigs like the best of everything, including seeing the best in others. They are humble in the sense that they believe that everyone, including themselves, are equal.

Pigs hold those close to them in very high esteem. This goes for both family and friends. They find joy in other people’s pleasure, and will make a conscious effort to keep the people close to them happy. Pigs love to offer a helping hand. They are content when those around them are happy.

A Pig will give with all their heart. They are charitable, benevolent and kind. These characteristics become clear to the people around them. Unfortunately, some people will exploit the Pig’s giving nature and kind heart. Pigs do not like confrontation; it is very rare for them to stand up to someone who is picking on them.

Pigs are very clever. Their thirst for knowledge keeps their minds sharp and encourages them to continue searching. They enjoy the finer things in life, and would be more than content to spend several hours indulging in a leisure activity that they love. They are sometimes mistakenly seen as being lazy.

Relaxation and indulging in fine foods are normally two things that Pigs love to do. They are great when it comes to relationships, particularly long-term ones. This is because they are both very giving and care much for their families. Much of their life will revolve around the family and making sure everyone in the family is happy and content.

As pigs have a great love of the finer things, they are often seen as people that focus too much on material goods. In reality, they just enjoy living the good life. However, the love for finer things can have a major disadvantage to the Pig themselves. Many Pigs are have little financial control, and will spend more than they can afford to revel in the good life. In extreme cases, this can snowball into a problem that affects their family life.

Two examples of jobs that are well-suited to Pigs are teaching and nursing. These are both vocational jobs that involve ‘giving back’, something that a Pig usually loves to do. They are good in most hospitality roles as well, but you might be surprised to hear that they can be effective politicians and judges too!

The main thing that holds a pig back is just making time for the people close to them and the people that value them. It would help greatly if they became a little more open-minded and accepting of others.

Birth years of the Pig

The Pig horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Pig – 30th January 1911 to 17th February 1912 27th January 1971 to 14th February 1972

Water Pig – 16th February 1923 to 4th February 1924 13th February 1983 to 1st February 1984

Wood Pig – 3rd February 1935 to 23rd January 1936 31st January 1995 to 18th February 1996

Fire Pig – 22nd January 1947 to 9th February 1948 18th February 2007 to 6th February 2008

Earth Pig – 8th February 1959 to 27th January 1960 5th February 2019 to 24th January 2020

The next year of the Pig will be in 2019.