Sheep - Chinese Calendar

The Sheep is the eighth Chinese Horoscope and it’s element is Fire. Sheep are very creative and tasteful. They are also often quiet and subdued, and are happy to go unnoticed. Sheep often find romantic relationships quite challenging; it is very important that they find the right partner who understands them. Sheep can be supersensitive and fragile. They regularly get very anxious over things that other people would see as highly insignificant. Their partner must understand these tendencies so that the relationship is healthy and happy.

When they are in a relationship, Sheep need to receive a number of things from their partner. They need to feel loved and openly supported. Sheep could be (quite rightly) perceived as being emotionally needy in a relationship. It is essential for a Sheep to have a happy and loving relationship. If they do not, they will often remove themselves from the relationship. Sheep may do this by leaving the relationship altogether, or, if things aren’t too bad, they will simply become mentally detached from the situation.

Despite some of their meeker characteristics, sheep are often demanding in relationships. They can be quite clear about what they want from a relationship, and are not shy to make it clear to their partners. However, they will happily meet their partners needs as well.

Sheep care greatly about how things look. Some could even be seen as vain, because they will spend a large amount of time on making themselves look good. Sheep normally like careers that involve making things look attractive. This, combined with their creativity, means that jobs like hairdressing, flower arranging and interior design are often ideal for a sheep.

There are also a number of other careers that can be suitable for a Sheep. They can be great with anything that involves arts and crafts; or indeed anything that is not too structured and lets them think outside the box. You may be surprised to hear that sheep sometimes make good teachers, their creative minds can bring a fresh and interesting perspective to the world of teaching. However, their organisational skills usually leave much to be desired!

Despite being creative, Sheep are normally not particularly strong in business. As well as having poor organisational skills, their general business skills are not always the best. Both their business ideas and business decisions can sometimes be erroneous, and they are indecisive. Many sheep place great value on material goods, but will be just as generous with a partner that they love.

As Sheep like to do unnoticed, they are often quite sensitive to other people’s feelings, as well as their own. They don’t tend to offend others much. However, their timidity also brings self-pity and sensitivity. It is important for friends and especially lovers to understand the Sheep because they are so sensitive. Sheep can benefit greatly by becoming more confident in themselves and sometimes realising where and when they should take credit.

Birth years of the Sheep

The Sheep horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Sheep – 17th February 1931 to 5th February 1932 15th February 1991 to 3rd February 1992

Water Sheep – 5th February 1943 to 24th January 1944 1st February 2003 to 21st January 2004

Wood Sheep – 17th February 1955 to 11th February 1956

Fire Sheep – 13th February 1907 to 1st February 1908 9th February 1967 to 29th January 1968

Earth Sheep – 1st February 1919 to 19th February 1920 28th January 1979 to 15th February 1980

The next year of the Sheep will be in 2015.