Tiger - Chinese Calendar

Tiger is the third Chinese Horoscope, and it’s element is Wood. Like the Rat and the Ox, Tigers make exceptional leaders. Tigers may even have more natural leadership skills than the Rats and the Oxen. Tigers are flexible and excellent at dealing with changes in their lives. Just like the animal, people born in the year of the Tiger are often very powerful. However, they choose how to use this power. They can effectively lead people for good causes, but they are also just as good at leading people for bad causes.

Tigers are endearing and charismatic. These two characteristics are very important, making up for some of their negative points. At times, Tigers are argumentative and hostile. They can also be impatient and quick to act (often in error). It is their charming personalities that saves them; it can stop a bad situation from turning worse.

Some Tigers can be seen as fighters. Whether at work, at home or with their partner, they are always formidable opponents. They are not fazed by conflict and most won’t go down without a fight! Tigers are some of the most seductive, alluring and persuasive people you will ever meet. They really perform in these areas.

Just like in the jungle, many Tigers command natural respect. People tend to look up to Tigers. They are kind and giving people. They have a natural attraction, almost an animal magnetism about them. This pulls other people towards the Tiger. Many people within other signs of the Chinese Horoscope are attracted to Tigers, either as friends or as lovers. With a tiger, it’s about so much more than just looks. Their interior is as attractive as their exterior.

If a Tiger has a good cause to fight for, they will; and they’ll fight right to the very end. Several aspects of a Tiger’s personality are quite contradictory. These opposing characteristics can make it quite hard for people to understand them: They are aggressive at times but calm at others, kind yet intimidating, fearless but understanding. This adds to the mystique of the Tiger.

Unlike the Ox, tigers are more than happy to operate outside of their comfort zone. New places and new people excite and interest them. They draw other people in with their energy and the interesting way that they live life. Just like a tiger in the jungle, people born in the year of the Tiger are happy to venture into the unknown and embrace new challenges. Predictability bores them; whilst new, unfamiliar places, people and challenges really hold their interest.

Tigers often struggle to strike the right balance between the different aspects of their lives. They are normally guilty of doing too much. Finding moderation is the key to a Tiger’s success. Once they master themselves and channel their energies in the right directions, Tigers can achieve a great deal.

Birth years of the Tiger

The Tiger horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Tiger – 17th February 1950 to 5th February 1951 15th February 2010 to 3rd February 2011

Water Tiger – 8th February 1902 to 28th January 1903 5th February 1962 to 24th January 1963

Wood Tiger – 26th January 1914 to 13th February 1915 23rd January 1974 to 10th February 1975

Fire Tiger – 13th February 1926 to 1st February 1927 9th February 1986 to 28th January 1987

Earth Tiger – 31st January 1938 to 18th February 1939 28th January 1998 to 15th February 1999

The next year of the Tiger will be in 2022.