Numerology Profile Eleven

Numerology uses the letters from your name or the numbers from your birth date to create a number that is between 1 and 9. 11 and 22 are also numerology profiles. If the numbers used are different, they are added together until they can be reduced to one of these numbers.

As a person with number eleven, the first of the double-digit numerology profiles, you are very energetic and perceptive. It’s like the ‘cogs’ in your brain are constantly ‘whirring away’, meaning that your mind is always moving at ninety miles per hour. However, this could mean that people struggle to ‘get’ you, which makes you a bit reclusive.

You can achieve amazing things

It’s extremely important that you don’t underestimate yourself. Although you might be unaware of it, you excel in nearly every situation and are inspirational without even meaning to be. Energy seems to be attracted to you, which can be both a huge advantage and a huge disadvantage, depending on the situation and context. For example, you may really hit emotional ‘extremes’ on a bad day.

You are unconventional yet creative. There seems to be an invisible path between your conscious and your subconscious, meaning that ideas can flow through to your conscious in a seemingly random manner. You are probably a person who experiences “Eureka!” moments on an almost daily basis. Your creativity puts you in good stead for careers in inventing, politics and art of one kind or another.

People on this life path shouldn’t be too hard on themselves

Perhaps your biggest downfall is your tendency to over-analyse yourself at almost every given opportunity. This is probably the biggest thing that holds you back, the journey of self-discovery and self-criticism. It’s likely that one of the most important days for you will be the day you get your own “Eureka!” moment and finally understand and appreciate yourself for who you are.

You have a tendency to feel extremely self-conscious, always thinking about what you are doing and what you could have improved. People with this numerology profile usually have an important goal to achieve in their life, but much of their earlier years can be consumed with their journey to self-discovery. However, the results are often worth the wait!

If things aren’t going to plan you can panic and even sink into a sort of depression. Your lack of ability to understand and appreciate yourself when you are younger can cause you great distress. Two traits that would really benefit you are greater levels of confidence and an ability to remain calm more often.