Numerology Profile Seven

Numerology uses the letters from your name or the numbers from your birth date to create a number that is between 1 and 9. 11 and 22 are also numerology profiles. If the numbers used are different, they are added together until they can be reduced to one of these numbers.

As a person with number seven for your numerology profile, the spiritual aspect of life is very important to you. Life might seem to be a constant quest of exploring the unknown and searching for the answers to questions about life that have not yet been discovered. You are good at analysing things and looking into the theory.

You use your knowledge wisely

Many people with this numerology profile have job roles which require a significant amount of intellect. Research has never been a problem for you. In fact, you probably enjoy it because it is helping you to find a (practical) solution to a question you find very interesting. You can usually transform this research into a creative solution.

It’s likely that you’re a very independent being who likes to be alone because it allows you to think clearly without being distracted or interrupted. You might find it hard to form friendships or commit to a serious romantic relationship because your own ideas and opinions are what is most important to you. It could seem like other people are ‘imposing on you’, even if they don’t think that they are.

Like many of the other numerology profiles, you find balance extremely important. You can be very alluring to others, and don’t shy away from the spotlight. You are probably quite knowledgeable because you do lots of research and spend a great deal of time thinking. This can really impress others. However, you also know when it’s time to get back to your own thoughts and hate the idea of someone else knowing what is in your head.

You must be balanced on this life path

You can cause yourself a number of problems if you don’t have balance in your life. Your tendency to overthink things can be a downfall, particularly when it comes to relationships. Although it’s probably not obvious to others, you can be annoyed at yourself because you find it difficult to form connections. Perhaps your biggest challenge in life will be maintaining your independence whilst also ‘letting others in’. In the same way, it’s also a good idea to be more open to other people’s opinions and ideas, something else that you might find difficult to do.