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Aries Horoscope July 22nd 2019

Someone might really test your diplomacy. Maybe it is clear to you what has to be done, but your colleagues are not as sure. It seems as though it will be your job to persuade them to feel the same way as you. Additionally, your proposal could have positive financial ramifications. Organising a social event might be high on your list of priorities.

Aries Horoscope July 21st 2019

You might feel temporarily stagnated by a creative person who doesn’t have the guts to see things through. You may even be required to point out the importance of honouring their word. On a slightly negative note, you could get a sharp reminder about your financial commitments when a letter comes through the door from the credit card company.

Aries Horoscope July 20th 2019

Relocation to a new home or more of an emotional change could alter your view on the world. With a greater sense of clarity it’s easier for you to focus on your true goals. A chance encounter with someone passing through could be an enjoyable experience, which opens you up to new thoughts. The chance to have a short holiday could set your imagination off. Creativity is likely, you might want to take up an old hobby or perhaps try a new one.

Aries Horoscope July 19th 2019

Two things may come to the fore: establishing and marking out space for yourself and starting to actively solve existing problems. It might be a good idea to make lists or write down your thoughts. Additionally, you could have a letter to write, telling someone where you stand. A close friend that is a good secret keeper may give you some great advice.

Aries Horoscope July 18th 2019

Something may cause a part of your past to come to the fore, and it seems likely that you’ll welcome ‘it’ with open arms! Perhaps it’s also a good day for planning an adventure and strengthening partnerships. A geographically distant place or person could bring some mystery. A partner might have spotted what they believe to be a sound investment.

Aries Horoscope July 17th 2019

One of your friends demonstrates their amazing ability to solve problems, and this may positively change your perception of them. You could really feel that it’s time to start looking at things from a different perspective, and have a strong desire for a change in direction. Private discussion of future possibilities could prove very rewarding.

Aries Horoscope July 16th 2019

The current state of your finances could suggest a few problems up ahead, which could be linked to a recent expenditure. You may realise that a relationship you thought was stable is actually going through a phase of transition. By discussing the situation you may discover you have very different perspectives on your relationship. This could be the source of much humor whilst equally it could be upsetting. For you, the possibility of having to reorganise your belongings could be an unneeded chore.