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Aries Horoscope February 26th 2021

Today could be a little unusual. You may want to change how something looks, either your own style or in your home. It could be as simple as a colour or style change. Your romantic life will probably come to the fore, it could even be a pattern or designer that catches your eye!

Aries Horoscope February 25th 2021

Worry about an older relative (with a different birth sign) could be important. They might remind you about your upbringing and what they expect from you. Your unexpected response may take them by surprise; you could be thinking about what you want to do for them rather than what they can do for you. You might have to ‘put your foot down’ in one aspect of a relationship in particular – regarding your responsibilities to others.

Aries Horoscope February 24th 2021

You might spend a large part of today feeling ‘lost’ and even confused. Struggling to understand the workings of a new administrative system, you could ask questions that leave the other person just as confused as you! On a different note, you may have to speak to someone who is not in the best of health and change your schedule so that you can help them.

Aries Horoscope February 23rd 2021

A person who is close to you may have finally revealed what they were thinking, prompting you both to start making joint plans and even decide on what to do tonight. It might be hard to choose the best outcome, as each of you could want to do different things. Perhaps it’s up to you to make the extra effort and ‘strike a balance’.

Aries Horoscope February 22nd 2021

The chance to celebrate an achievement might be cut short by a new challenge. Whilst others are tempted to rush in, it might be best to take your time to assess the situation. Asking the opinion of family and friends could be advantageous, but it’s likely you’ll receive conflicting answers – you’ll have to decide who to listen to. News from a distant acquaintance might bring good news regarding future employment; don’t forget to thank those who have helped you

Aries Horoscope February 21st 2021

Today is an important day for communications, and is also a good day to bring joy and happiness to others. This might involve helping someone who is not well, maybe by simply spending time with them. You could discuss future travel plans with a close friend who has a different star sign to you. On a different note, you may pleasantly surprise yourself when handling something quite technical.

Aries Horoscope February 20th 2021

Don’t be surprised if you alarm your close friends and family when revealing a new idea or decision that you’ve been considering for some time. Don’t be incredulous if they react oddly to the change, as change forces people to reassess what they once thought was stable and predictable. A change in direction can be very positive – just make sure you’re serious about it.