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Libra Horoscope February 26th 2021

Someone’s finances might be a reason for concern but you realise asking questions could cause further problems. Being a caring individual you might find yourself anxious about an upcoming event and whether everyone involved will have an enjoyable experience. Someone else may have the same concerns and will look towards you for advice. Your desire to help may find you providing assistance before you even realise what you’re doing.

Libra Horoscope February 25th 2021

Two different friends could play a major role today. One of them is an idealist, whilst the other is super-focussed. Both appear to have picked up on your desire to make alterations in the home that will positively impact your business – maybe something to do with an office in your home? However, the main priority of the day could be planning a surprise for the near future.

Libra Horoscope February 24th 2021

Decision making is particularly tricky when someone you trust has a different opinion. Perhaps sleeping on it is the best idea for now. It’s better to take you time than to rush. A desire to be creative could lead you to creating something your hands – determination might be required especially if you’re DIY-ing. Investing in the home could lead you to making a purchase; whilst you only want the best, it could be wise to keep one eye on the bank balance.

Libra Horoscope February 23rd 2021

Today could go either way, depending on what suits you and how you work. If you like tasks that are mentally taxing and performing a number of different tasks simultaneously, it might be a great day for you. However, it may all become overwhelming and it’ll be your job to contain the ensuing crisis. Some people around you could really be testing your patience.

Libra Horoscope February 22nd 2021

You might have realised that it’s not always easy to grow up. Other people may be telling you to ‘fix up’ and sort yourself out, and you could feel very driven to make positive change in your life. However, having too many options might ruin your focus. It’s important to maintain your good sense of humour. Someone you know well may make you a confusing offer, which leaves you feeling a little bewildered and possibly suspicious.

Libra Horoscope February 21st 2021

You might get angry at friends that don’t do enough planning. However, these same friends may believe that you’re not making enough decisions. An issue at home or with some other property that has not really been going to plan could be what has ‘thrown you off course’. The good news is that you may be getting closer to resolving the situation, or even finding a great deal.

Libra Horoscope February 20th 2021

You might have to use a great deal of energy to prove to someone that you are capable of taking on a new job role. Your lover or a friend younger than yourself may even be persuaded to help. You could have done something wrong this week, and some of your co-workers might be giving you a hard time about it. These co-workers may be unwilling to bring you into their team. However, one of your solutions could get them out of trouble.