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Libra Horoscope January 20th 2019

It could be beneficial to get a project finalised soon rather than later. Resolving particular elements of the project is crucial, but you may come up against setbacks. Two minds are often greater than one, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. A Taurus or Libra colleague could offer the understanding you need. Be grateful for any help you receive and remember to repay the favor. This could be start of a fruitful partnership.

Libra Horoscope January 19th 2019

Something that is going on ‘behind the scenes’ could be causing you stress, probably because you don’t know exactly what is happening. This might make you feel ‘stuck’, wishing that you were somewhere else completely. A friend’s problems may add to your worry. It’s probably a good time to get in touch with other contacts who can help; once again showing you the importance of having a strong ‘core’ of people around you.

Libra Horoscope January 18th 2019

Today might be a good day for thinking things through and mentally ‘toying’ with ideas. Although its likely you’ll want a bit of thinking time for yourself, other people could be bugging you for things, much to your annoyance. In fact, one of the other signs could cause you to lose your temper a little if they are not respecting the fact that you need your own space.

Libra Horoscope January 17th 2019

It’s likely you want to talk to someone about your career direction. Those you live with might be talking about small jobs around the house which should have been done a while ago. You may make mental lists, but the better option of writing lists isn’t coming as natural. A colleague known for their good organisational skills could suggest you write everything down.

Libra Horoscope January 16th 2019

Today may prove to be an important day. A partnership could be confirmed; or you might find spending quality time with family, friends or colleagues to be highly pleasurable. If a big deal went through at work, this would add to the importance of the day. However, don’t rely on that alone. You might impress yourself with your own practical skills.

Libra Horoscope January 15th 2019

Trying to persuade people could prove tiresome, particularly if there are regulations that need to be taken into consideration. You might find that someone is ill and resting up at home when you could have really done with their help today. This person may have assisted you in important discussions about your way of living. Instead, you might have to rely solely on your own thoughts and opinions, which could wear you out!

Libra Horoscope January 14th 2019

You continue to look for an important document or fact that remains unobtainable. Whilst you hunt for this, your skills could be called upon to creatively come up with a solution. Although you usual complete tasks with the utmost diligence, today you could find yourself distracted and make a mistake. A colleague may panic and try their hardest to assist you. Even though it’s a simple mistake on your behalf, allow them assist you, as they want to help a good friend.