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Libra Horoscope May 13th 2021

Trying to persuade people could prove tiresome, particularly if there are regulations that need to be taken into consideration. You might find that someone is ill and resting up at home when you could have really done with their help today. This person may have assisted you in important discussions about your way of living. Instead, you might have to rely solely on your own thoughts and opinions, which could wear you out!

Libra Horoscope May 12th 2021

You may have been assembling a plan for some time, and now it’s ready to be implemented. This could take someone born under a water sign particularly by surprise, as they may have underestimated your ability to organise complex procedures. Take pride in not only unveiling your plan but also in carrying it out with speed and precision. By expanding your horizon, it is very likely you will come into contact with people from further away.

Libra Horoscope May 11th 2021

Make sure people know you as someone they can trust. In a hectic business driven world, it’s the simple gestures which get lost and forgotten. Ensure colleagues are aware that your word and your handshake are as good as your signature. With new ideas and strategies continually being developed and implemented, people will look towards you. Use your strong leadership skills and ability to recognise peoples’ talents to delegate tasks effectively.

Libra Horoscope May 10th 2021

At least one person might accuse you of distracting others from important tasks. You could be feeling especially impatient. A good friend may have been spending too much time ‘with their own thoughts’, and it might be a good idea to help them put things back in perspective. Ironically, you may need to change your own outlook. Wanting to broaden your horizons could lead to you making travel plans.

Libra Horoscope May 9th 2021

You might be feeling a bit idealistic today, meaning it’s hard to make decisions, particularly when it comes to property or your emotions. Your indecisiveness may be visible to others, much to their annoyance. However, you could be feeling the complete opposite, and be adamant that you are not changing your mind. Whichever way you are feeling, it might end up driving someone else mad! The funny thing is, you might bewilder them by doing something to show that you really understand their situation.

Libra Horoscope May 8th 2021

Property continues to be a pressing issue. Not for the first time, it might be someone who you’ve known for a long time that helps you out with your decision. Today could be a good day for finding a bargain if you find something at a great price. Two completely different things may have quite an impact on you today. Firstly, it could be a piece of jewellery that has a shape that (to you) resembles an insect. Secondly, it could be a person who is dressed in black.

Libra Horoscope May 7th 2021

You might be stuck in the middle of friends with very different views, unsure of who you are inclined to follow. Additionally, you may find it difficult to communicate with someone or get to where you want to go. This could cause a little distress. You might have a deep conversation with a fussy person, which could increase the mutual respect. This person may want you to play the diplomat.