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Libra Horoscope October 15th 2021

Today you might feel powerless in several different situations. You may even think that it is necessary to get in touch with someone who might be able to tell you about the unknown or unspoken. It could be a good day to try and get in touch with the ‘voice within’; especially when it comes to deciding what makes you happy. Your creativity and ‘eye’ for design may also come to the fore.

Libra Horoscope October 14th 2021

Although it’s unlikely that you’re the best person at making lists, getting through a bunch of chores could make someone’s day, particularly if they are known for being organised. You might also receive good news from a family member who is either older or younger than yourself. Someone may ask you to look after some old documents that are ‘valuable’ in one way or another.

Libra Horoscope October 13th 2021

You may be ‘talked at’ by a neighbour or sibling, and raising your voice might seem like the only way to get them to listen. You could try to make a potential romance progress, and perhaps it’s also a good day to review and strengthen a financial partnership. A person from your past that you still have strong feelings for may come to mind, and you might even be happy that they’re in your thoughts once again.

Libra Horoscope October 12th 2021

Today could be full of fortuitous surprises. Be ready to make the most out of opportunities. This could also be a good day to make purchases for your home. Having good taste, you will surely be drawn to the superior designer brands, however, whilst you want the very best make sure you‘re being sensible. On a different note, talking with someone overseas could make you plan for events further into the year.

Libra Horoscope October 11th 2021

Letting the ‘cat out of the bag’ could be dangerous. It may be a better option to keep things to yourself. It could be good to talk to friends who have been away. It might be a great day for spending time with the special person in your life and finally sitting down and discussing a major purchase that will impact you both.

Libra Horoscope October 10th 2021

As being truthful and honest is so important to you, you might be irritated when someone you know ‘goes round the houses’ to break some bad news. By now you may have realised how easy it is for something to go wrong with finances if people are not being completely honest. A friend could rekindle one of your old talents or love for a hobby when they ask you to join in with them.

Libra Horoscope October 9th 2021

You may be contacted by an institution or major company. It might give you mixed emotions and even cause a little confusion. Tread carefully, all may not be as it seems. However, it could be something good, but do your homework on it. The company or institution might even say that they owe you money, just check either way. Your partner may have booked something and bought a pair of tickets – much to your surprise and delight.