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Libra Horoscope August 12th 2022

Today could be a very big day for you, which will stem from a big decision that you might make. You may be considering moving home, learning a different language or starting new training or study. You might even be considering challenging someone through court proceedings or writing your first book. On a more philosophical level, you could even be looking for true meaning an direction in life, and/or a new way to live.

Libra Horoscope August 11th 2022

You may find that someone you know is going through a ‘crisis’ of sorts. It will probably be quite difficult to know what exactly you should say to them. It might involve doing a great amount of listening. You could also embark on some ‘wasted’ journeys, but perhaps they will give you an opportunity to have some much-needed thinking time.

Libra Horoscope August 10th 2022

Today you might well be feeling a bit more emotional, as the Full Moon is at the base of your solar chart. A lack of resources may seem like more of an issue. Nevertheless, you could have a greater amount of sympathy for people in comparable situations. It’s possible that this is a good day for charity work or positively changing the plans of a close friend or family member.

Libra Horoscope August 9th 2022

A surprise that has been in the pipeline may well be revealed today, but after a short analysis, it might turn out to be more costly than enjoyable. Your trip to the shops could put a large dent in the bank balance. Today you might want a taste of the finer things in life, and you are willing to spoil yourself to get them. The retail therapy might be your way of dealing with people that are annoying you at the moment.

Libra Horoscope August 8th 2022

It seems likely that you’ll enter into discussions with someone far away. Some administrative duties could prove a little bewildering. However, conversations with those abroad may be more difficult than expected because of different times and languages. Putting together a plan for the following months might help you to work towards your goals. You may be looking into the cost of something (tickets?) online.

Libra Horoscope August 7th 2022

Someone’s finances might be a reason for concern but you realise asking questions could cause further problems. Being a caring individual you might find yourself anxious about an upcoming event and whether everyone involved will have an enjoyable experience. Someone else may have the same concerns and will look towards you for advice. Your desire to help may find you providing assistance before you even realise what you’re doing.

Libra Horoscope August 6th 2022

A member of the family who you have not heard from for a while (probably because they’ve been abroad), might inadvertently remind you of one of your aspirations. You may therefore engage in a conversation with a couple of your friends, asking them for advice on how to achieve this aspiration. Your focus could really impress someone at work.