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Daily Horoscope

Cancer - Monday 22nd of April 2019

Some years get off to better starts than others. Determination to advance your career and fulfil at least one of your aims and objectives, is unlikely to fade in the coming months. With Saturn continuing its slow journey through your 'research and development' area throughout the year, you're likely to appreciate the concept of moving forward steadily - but persistently. First though there's the task of getting rid of items that are clogging up space. In doing this, you send out signals that you're ready for something new. Colleagues will surely pick up on that vibe. Indeed, it's possible that this will result in a proposition midweek. Joining (financial) forces is a strong possibility - though on Friday you might experience a few qualms. It might also be that you decide midweek that this time next year you'll be involved in a grand adventure - one that involves great change to your domestic circumstances. Ring JULY 11th in your diary now - and label it 'REVIEW DAY'. Chances are you'll make substantial progress by then.